Charles Rumford currently works for Deft as network engineer on the operations team. His main responsiblities include routing, network design, systems administration, network design, and automation. He has a love for IT infrastructure and ensuring it meets the needs of his users. "Making events non-events" and "no one should know we've done anything" are his primary guiding princples for designs and work. Usiblity is also a primary concern, as what's the point of building something if no one uses it...

Outside of the work space, Charles doesn't stray to far from the technology path. Recently, he has joining the planning commitee for the The WOPR Summit and the Blue Team Village @ DEFCON. His primary roles is to support conference IT infrastructure to ensure a smooth conference for staff, speakers, and attendees.

When Charles isn't mucking around with strange uses of BGP or protocol development for a 250 baud wireless backhaul network, he spends a great deal of time ringing church tower bells, biking, and knitting up a storm.

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